I Pr0m!se T0 G!v3 Y0u Qual!ty Ov3r Quant!ty

No Jail, Just Bars!


“…good weed like good grades, we passing..”

“..last round pick, a nyga lonely like an orphan, so i keep it cool Jordan 5’s is what im sporting…”

“…Points per game, the same as a persons waist line….”


“…wear lifestyles and magnums, race lines i pass ’em, actors i cast ’em, white girls dont smash ’em… ”

“… i aiint ballin, im not a Laker, but when you black and rich they say you raped her..”

“”…Bobby with a bill to write im looking for celery, dipping with the blue cheese, ducking all these hot wings broads that be wishing they knew me…”

Patt Jeanz

“…i’m birthday caked up, my candle got blue, make a wish, now she got icing on her lip..”

“Varsity Red Jordan 6, match my spliff lit…”

“..im watching Die Hard with a die hard chick, im feeling like Bruce Willis she keep rushing my stick, dynamite, BOOM, end of discussion, brainz all over room, she swallowed my nephew cousins…. that’s my kids for you slow pokes..”

From The 5 Dollar Shape Up Mixtape go download it now at ~~> http://www.mediafire.com/?ngdr2ogdbu111yk



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