I Pr0m!se T0 G!v3 Y0u Qual!ty Ov3r Quant!ty

Halloween Costume Ideas

Rorschach (pronounced ROR – shahk ) from Watchmen :

His mask displays a constantly morphing inkblot that is based on the ambiguous designs used in inkblot tests.  Rorschach considers the mask his true “face.” He continues his one-man battle against crime long after superheroes have become both detested and illegal. Rorschach is depicted  as being extremely right-wing, and morally uncompromising, a viewpoint that has alienated him from the rest of society. Politically, he is both anti-communist and anti-liberal. He is described as being mentally ill by several characters.

Like most characters in Watchmen, Rorschach has no obvious “super powers.” He merely has his will and technical abilities. Rorschach uses any and all weapons that are available at the time, such as pepper to blind a police officer and the use of hairspray in combination with a match to set fire to another police officer.



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