I Pr0m!se T0 G!v3 Y0u Qual!ty Ov3r Quant!ty

Guess What??

I know you ladies love diamonds, so here’s something for ya…… Ladies let’s play a game of  “what is this?”…… hint: it’s specs are 14k white gold, approx 58 grams and approx 15 carats of VS diamonds, and the answer is at the bottom, but see if you can figure it out first. good luck…

anything yet?? how about another picture

hmmm… did that one give it away??

this is a very important part of it, still no idea??

hint: its made by the homie Ben Baller….


…..its chapstick

very expensive chapstick i might add.. but this is nothing at all for you, my female subscribers. F$@k if ya lip-stick poppin just pull this chapstick out and they’ll know why you the sheeeeeet. cause you subscribe to “Diggin In Crates” @ protectedbyviper.wordpress.com LoL


……..oh and dont forget the stamp of approval



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